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My mother passed away down that way while visiting family I didn’t know where to start. The coroner that dealt with my mothers death which I can’t remember his name but was so nice to told me about Marshall County funeral and cremation service. From the first conversation I had with Shane felt like a old friend he just consoles you before anything else is talked about. We didn’t have the money to get are momma back to Virginia or what Kentucky wanted to bring her across state lines which devastated us cause certain family for health reasons couldn’t make the trip but he explained to me why etc he just goes the extra mile in anything he deals with a family. He answered the numerous times I called I probably bugged him this was first time I’ve ever planned a cremation cause that’s what my mother wanted so I just had so many questions. The memorial cards they printed are so beautiful and the poem inside I don’t know if it’s used in everyone or my momma helped cause it sounds just like what she would say. We didn’t have a service a few family members and all us kids wanted to come down and say goodbye before they cremated her they was so welcoming about didn’t rush us out etc the gentleman that was there I wish I could remember his name was so nice I just really don’t have words made us drinks came and talked to us explained everything in detail it just made the situation so much more relaxing I guess you could say. I’m from Virginia and I’ve been to funerals and viewings and have never seen anyone treated as well as we were at Todd County. The funeral home is just welcoming from still having the casket buggy thing I’m sure that’s not it’s name to the furniture. I told my kids I’m going to try to expire down that way so they’ll be the ones to take care of me. Just can’t over how amazing my mother looked. As far as price goes and you can tell their not about price at all I’m happy with what we paid. Thank you all for taking such great care of us and my mother. To the gentleman there yesterday with us for Margie Frame 6/2021 god bless I could thank you a million times for being such a wonderful person To the woman that done mom obituary that I changed stuff numerous times thank you as well

Amanda Tallant
June 21, 2021

Many thanks to Shane Hessey and his staff for going above and beyond during a heartbreaking time in our lives. Shane made sure to have everything taken care of while we were spending time with Trevor who had been admitted into Hospice. I honestly don’t know what our family would have done without his devotion to us! His compassion goes above and beyond!

Rose Neal
June 7, 2021

The Neal family would like to thank Shane Hessey for the superb and professionalism that he and his staff showed us when Dustin Trevor Neal passed away May 31 2021. Trevor was a beloved son and brother and will forever be missed by his family! He was surrounded by his loved ones when he entered the gates to Heaven and was reunited with his devoted dad. Knowing Shane would be there for us when Trevor’s journey was over helped us be able to devote all to Trevor without any worries about arrangements! The Neal’s are very proud to call you, Friend.

Rose Neal
June 7, 2021

I would like to thank Shane Hessey and the staff at Todd County Funeral Home for their service to our family following the loss of my sister, Kathy Booker. Their kindness, support, and professionalism were a great source of comfort during a time of immense grief for my family. We have used the services of Todd County Funeral Home for our parents as well. Every single experience with this funeral home has been positive. They are a source of strength during such difficult times. We are so thankful for Shane and his staff. Their kindness and compassion have made the worst times in our lives just a little more bearable. Thank you for always being there in our time of need.

Diana McCoy
January 31, 2021

I visited Todd County Funeral Home for the service of a family friend. I was amazed at the facility and the way that the family and visitors were treated. They treated us all as if we were special guests. I had never been to this funeral home before but I will say that I wish the owner would open one in our town, I have never felt so comfortable with such warmth and an atmosphere like no other. Thank each of you for being so kind to the family and friends.

Scott Smithland
January 16, 2021

The worst time in our lives is the loss of a loved one. There is so many emotions and then there is dealing with arrangements. Dealing with the stoic stone faced funeral directors with no emotions at all and the unsmiling faces of the rest of the staff. Walking into a funeral home to do those arrangements and feeling as if you're walking into a coffin yourself. The atmosphere is exactly as your loved one at that time.... dead. The smells, the scene and decor inside, the personalities set the mood you'll be in during this difficult time. That's why,we as a family, the family of Angela Shelton, want to thank Shane Hessey and the Todd County Funeral Home for all they did for us during this time. The compassion and kindness shown as we all gathered in the tiny room, dreading what lay ahead. From choosing the music,to having to pick out the bed she would lay for her final sleep. Yes I said bed because it wasn't that dark, stale, and stoic atmosphere. We didn't go into a room filled with coffins, we were skimming the computer and Shane made a suggestion and it was perfect. There were coffee breaks to make the situation as comfortable and light as possible. There were even smiles and a couple chuckles of laughter. Audrey, her 18 year old daughter and Mike, Angie's fiance, said it wasn't near what they were dreading or thought it would be like. Angie and I are close and I told her if anything should ever happen, I'd do her hair and makeup. I couldn't imagine our Angie not being handled with the love and gentleness that she deserved. So me, my daughter Terra, sisters Stacie and Tina went to do this.I always assumed others would just see a body laying there and not a life lived and loved so dearly. That's where Ford came in, such a sweet soul. He took us to where Angie lay,I brought the makeup and hair products but in these situations our minds are frantically racing and things are forgotten. Ford made everything available to us and stayed with us, should it be too much for us to emotionally and mentally handle. I watched Ford as he told us how the lighting would be and what shades would be best for Angie's skin in the lighting but what touched me most, were 2 incidents I'll never forget and I'll never forget Ford.As we were doing her hair and showing him how she styled it, he gently took her hair in his hands and slowly cascaded it forward and over her shoulders. I watched as he did this, with softness as if he would pull her hair, he looked up at us and said like this and I thought to myself with a grateful smile, yes Ford, just like that. When I did her mascara, like all women, it clumped. He said, here let me show you.He took a small comb and as gently as possible, as if he might accidentally poke her in the eye, he softly separated each lash. Kindness and respect in situations like this, show the true inside of someone and Ford is a beautiful soul and I'll be forever grateful for him. Yes, services are always sad and sorrow filled but it was as comfortable as any service could be made. Shane spoke at the graveside services and left a picture in my head of heaven and my Angie that we will forever be indebted to him for. Yes Shane.... every time I picture Angie in heaven,,,,I can see her walking the streets of gold, her fingertips lightly grazing over the jasper walls, as she's walking to the river of milk and honey, with her fishing pole over her should, she sits with a smile on the bank as she pulls fish from that river, bigger and bigger her fish get.... and so does her smile. Thank you Shane and thank you Ford, thank you to all the Todd County Funeral Home staff for making this tragic loss as comfortable as possible. The Shelton family is forever grateful to you.

Teresa Shelton
January 16, 2021


Dorothy Stokes :
July 25, 2020

Shane and the entire staff went above and beyond for my family. We are very appreciative for the love and support shown to us during our time of loss. I would encourage anyone needing funeral services to contact them and let them provide your family with their professional care.

Wendy Altman
August 7, 2019

The Todd County Funeral Home went above and beyond after the tragic loss of a loved one. He stayed late and came early just to meet our needs. It was everything that we could have asked for and more. They were very professional, caring, and supportive throughout the whole process.

Hanna Poe
February 16, 2018

I've had to bury a few of my family members and 3 years ago my step mom died Shirley Johnson and I was blessed to make sure bill was paid so my brothers nor dad had to borrow money. Being at the funeral home with the owner Shane was like home and he made us feel that way, in that horrible time plus he meet all our needs and it was a beautiful funeral. We never want to loose the ones we love but that is life and I know when it's time for me to go I would never go anywhere else. Shane has been a blessing to so many family and he is like family to all Todd county. I've been to several funeral homes through the years but I can tell you truth I've never felt so comfortable and he has a love that grieves with them family's not just I'm here and I own it. Thank you so much Shane for helping family's in there worse times, an he also married me and my husband so. Shane you have been our angel in need when we lose friends an loved ones. Thank u so much and I'd never go elsewhere. With all my love and support. Penny Phillips

Penny Phillips
November 30, 2017

I wanted to share my experience with this wonderful, kind and loving funeral home!! Simply because of the logistics of getting our sister home, and to honor her final wishes to be buried by her mother and daddy, these kind and loving people worked tirelessly to make that happen! Some people deserve crowns on this earth, not just in heaven, and these are some of those people! Anita, your kindness will never be forgotten!! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

Nancy Carr
September 22, 2017

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